Equity is just and fair access to the City’s resources, support, and opportunities, whatever your income, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation or any other identity or social circumstance. An equitable Chicago is a place where your zip code doesn’t determine your destiny and one where power and resources are distributed in a manner that helps all residents reach their potential.    


Diversity and Inclusion 

Diversity and inclusion require that a city government reflects the entirety of Chicago, takes intentional steps to reorient and share power and resources, and welcomes meaningful engagement in decision-making..



Transparency is a service-oriented approach toward information sharing. A transparent City government will default to disclosure of information and commit to providing information in a way that is accessible and relevant to all residents. 



Accountability means public servants putting people first in all actions, taking responsibility for outcomes and answering to the public. 



Transformation is fundamental, profound and sustainable change. It ultimately alters the very nature of our City. When Chicago is transformed, its people in every neighborhood will be the beneficiaries and drivers of the change, and the progress made will hold shape over the course of time. 

Better Together Chicago is an Illinois not for profit corporation operating under Section 501(c) 4 of the Internal Revenue Code. It is not a “political fundraising committee” as defined in the Chicago Governmental Ethics Ordinance nor a “political committee” as defined in the Illinois Election Code.

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